I’m considering this page to be an experiment. The animations I make will always be free in their entirety to watch. But as they are now costing me money to make, I wanted to find a way for people to support without asking for voluntary donations, or simply selling the film (which you are welcome to download from the Vimeo site).

Instead, I am selling alternative parts of the film. You will get a few extra minutes of animation, plus the soundtrack.

It’s not a lot, but it is something, and it might help me to make more work. So if you chose to buy one of these you will receive the following. I would personally recommend you purchase the altruistic edition to enhance your philanthropic needs.

All videos are in h264 .mov 720 HD

1. Original Ending

The ending that is on Vimeo is not the one that was originally written and produced for Risehigh. I changed it a month after finishing the project as the old one left people feeling chilly like they had entered a Nietzschean void. (about 1 min)

2. Balloon Boy Ending

People who have seen the film ask questions about Balloon Boy, and what he represents. This ending does not answer any of these questions but you get to see some of his biopic The Legend of Balloon Boy that features in Risehigh, plus understand where some of the strange messages come from in the film… (1 min 50 secs)

3. Risehigh Soundtrack, by Damion Sheppard

All the tracks in their full and complete glory. The music to Risehigh has quite a bit of range to it and is all amazing. Damion wrote every track just for this film, and here they are presented in full for download. Jog to such classics as ‘I Made You Mine’. (a few bonus tracks also thrown in)

4. Charity Donation (Altruistic Edition only)

Street Doctors are a small charity who work with high risk young people in UK cities to educate on lifesaving treatment for victims of knife crime or other violence. I am hoping that most people will opt for the Altruistic Edition. You can read about their good work here.

Below are some pie charts – worthy of the exec style presentation – showing how the money you give will break down for both the Altruistic and Lifestylers editions.